Essential Welding Skills: One-Day Intensive Workshop

Tailored for beginners and enthusiasts, or those looking to advance their welding skills, this immersive workshop delves into essential techniques of welding aluminium for boat building. Led by experienced instructors, you’ll master the basics of MIG and TIG welding. Whether you’re pursuing a new hobby or honing your skills, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to welding in just one day.


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✔️Lunch included
✔️Safety Equipment Included
✔️Learn TIG welding
✔️Learn MIG welding

Friday 7th June


Friday 5th July


Friday 2nd August


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What Our Participants Say

Extremely valuable course. Luke & all the team were fantastic to deal with and very welcoming into there Shed for the 4 day course! Keen to see the online element & improve my boat building skills.


Daniel, B

A really rewarding course that actually gives you skills as well as industry knowledge. Well organised and run by a people who are really building boats everyday so you get lots of really good tricks they have learnt over the years to make the build faster as well as a better final product!


Liam, H

Frequently asked questions

What you will learn

Overview of Welding Techniques:

  • Introduction to MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding) and TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) welding processes.
  • Explanation of differences between MIG and TIG welding techniques.

Safety Precautions and Equipment Setup:

  • Understanding safety protocols and personal protective equipment (PPE) required for welding.
  • Demonstration of proper setup and adjustment of MIG and TIG welding equipment.

Basic Welding Principles:

  • Fundamentals of electrical circuits in welding.
  • Understanding heat control, welding positions, and joint configurations.

Hands-On Practice Sessions:

  • Guided practice sessions to develop proficiency in MIG and TIG welding techniques.
  • Practice welding on various materials, such as mild steel and aluminium, using both processes.

Weld Inspection and Quality Control:

  • Techniques for inspecting and evaluating weld quality.
  • Understanding common welding defects and troubleshooting methods.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Introduction to advanced welding techniques, such as pulse welding and multi-pass welding.
  • Practice sessions for refining welding skills and experimenting with different welding parameters.

Q&A and Wrap-Up:

  • Opportunity for participants to ask questions and seek clarification on course material.
  • Summary of key takeaways and next steps for further learning or practice.

Throughout the course, participants will receive personalized instruction and feedback from experienced welding instructors, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of MIG and TIG welding techniques in just one day.

Learn about the instructor for the course
Luke is highly skilled in teaching welding and fabrication techniques for aluminium welding. 
From Mezcal Industries
Gain invaluable experience from Luke, the skilled fabricator from Mezcal, alongside three additional educators. With a perfect ratio of 1 educator to every 3 participants, this workshop offers the optimal student-to-educator ratio, unmatched in Australia.
Do I need any prior learning to do this course?

Not necessarily, because of the educator ratio we will be able to tailor the course to varying skill levels. On the first day we will run through all the tools required and there will be plenty of opportunity to go through and learn/practise all the welding knowledge before tackling the build of the boat.

Towards the end of the course there will be time to go over aspects that you feel you didn’t quite grasp and reaffirm those skills.

What do I need to bring to course
  • Wear appropriate safety clothing.
    Closed-toe leather work boots or work boots
    long sleeve shirt and pants.
  • Welding goggles, gloves, and other materials supplied on the day.

If you have your own gear you are welcome to bring along


Contact us

Email us anytime with any questions about the course we will be more than happy to send through information and arrange a time for a call.